You have to try the Chicken Shish Kebabs and the gyro.  That Gyro meat swimming in some heaven sent tomato gravy is to die for.


#Istanbul #Jacksonville - As a huge fan of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine, I was excited to find this place tucked in a non-nondescript strip mall on Southside Blvd.

I normally abhor buffets, but after seeing the fresh selection of salads and rice options I choose to order it. The price was right at $7.95 and I found the stuffed grape leaves and baba ganoush to be quite tasty. The hummus was rather plain, although quite edible and flat breads and salads were every bit as fresh they appeared.

Service was ok, nothing worse than to be expected for a lunch time self service place, but I was a bit disappointed by the lack of seemingly non regional workers. It made me question if this was a truly authentic spot or a place just trading off an exotic name. Either way, it was a good meal and if I find myself on that side of town again I'll make sure to stop in.


Best place to be for Turkish food.... Must try the Bakhlavas....just can't resist this one...


Possibly the best lunch buffet in Jacksonville! Great variety, superb quality and the best baklava for hundreds of miles!


The buffet is the way to go. Best $12 I've ever spent! They have salads, hummus, pita bread, and yummy entrees. My favorites are the creamy chicken (soooo flavorful), grilled veggies, falafel, and chicken meatballs. The food it's delicious! They do offer hookah but I don't smoke so I wouldn't know about that. Service is good and wait is very minimal. Doesn't look like much here but I'll find myself craving their food. Baklava is divine but the other desserts look store bought. Only time it's packed is sundown during Ramadan, just a heads up. Would highly recommend this place.


Wonderful! We are ne to Jax and just stumbled upon this place. We opted for the dinner buffet it was $12.95 all you could eat with soup salad dessert and three huge hot bars. Our waiter was so attentive and the food was incredible. for $13 we got all we could eat and then some. I would recommend this to anyone. And Monday thru Thursday the hookah bar next door is half off. So it is a great date night place!


Great food and atmosphere. I would recommend this to place to anyone who is in the mood for turkish and Mediterranean food.


I love this restaurant! The buffet is delicious and always has plenty of choices to offer...I love the eggplant slices, the creamy chicken,the seasoned rice, the tabouli, the hummus and the tilapia! The pita is always fresh and the service is warm and friendly... go check it out also they have recently done some redecorating and it looks great. :)


All of the reviews were right this is a wonderful find;  if you want something different in the form of Mediterranean food the Lunch buffet  is the way to go if you want to sample many different kinds of Turkish dishes All for about nine bucks


As far as Turkish/Mediterranean food goes, this is place is about as good as it gets!

I ordered the Istanbul Mix Special. I usually order a mix plate my first time at a place like this in order to figure out what is good and what to get next time. Unfortunately it looks like I will be ordering the mix again because everything on the plate was AMAZING. The everything on the plate was perfectly seasoned and cooked. You could taste the gill on the food and that made it even better. The plates are all served with sides of carrot, lettuce, and cabbage. Even those sides were well seasoned. There was also a perfectly grilled pepper and tomato on the plate. My one regret is not getting hummus or tabbouleh instead of rice. Not that there is anything wrong with their rice, but my wife got the tabbouleh instead and it looked amazing.

My wife ordered the veg mix, which is the same sides served with falafel. The falafel looked really well done and she said that it was well seasoned and fried, without being greasy. The dishes were served with a large basket of pita. 


This place was suggested by a new friend, who had never been there!  Glad she suggested it because it was wonderful!

Appearance wise, it looked a little worn but not trashy.  I'm thinking it could probably use a good once over.

I've never had Mediterranean food before so I was a little unsure of what to get.  I read the menu over and decided on the Urfa, spicy beef, in a wrap.  You can get it in a pita or a wrap.  It was deliciouso! It came with a side of fries, they were seasoned perfectly as well.  To my knowledge, everyone at the table was very happy with their food.  Three of them had the buffet.

The server was very friendly, but she was kind of slow when it came to checking on us.  I sat with an empty glass for about 15 minutes!  When she finally came to refill it, she brought it back with soda. I had water, originally.  One of the other ladies at the table called the server over and had her switch it out for me.  Kinda weird because nobody at our table ordered soda, so I'm not sure where she got that from.

I got out of there spending $12, including tip.  So I'd say that was pretty fair!

I will most definitely be back, next time with my honey bunny!


I dream of Istanbul.  No, really, I do.  It is my life long dream to take a trip to Turkey and see how the East and West meet.

Unfortunately for me, funds and lack of vacation time prevent that dream from coming true at the moment.  But if I can't get to Istanbul right now, at least I can drop into Istanbul Grille.

I dropped in for a very late lunch/very early dinner on Monday.  I wanted something different to my routine so I figured I would try this place.

The menu I saw was rather limited in selection, mostly kabobs and hummus but I happened to hit them just as their dinner buffet started.  $12.99 for all you can eat buffet and it has a little bit of everything.

The hummus, amazing! Falafel was perfect! The lamb was moist and tender.  I didn't pig out too much but everything I had was great.  The shepherd's salad was simple yet the spices made it pop.

If you haven't been and like good hummus, I would drop in.  I would have to recommend the dinner buffet too.  It is a great value for all that tastiness!


This place is awesome. I've eaten both buffet and regular menu and both were great. If you're looking for a buffet and are tired of chinese or Golden Corale, check this spot out. They have some spot on Mediterranean food and you cannot beat the price! All you can eat Mediterranean and Turkish for under $10? No brainer!


There are so many good things to say about instanbul. First off, this is one of my favorite local places in Jacksonville -  They have got the best hookah's in jax hands down! I was very happy to see how quickly instanbul grille has expanded, aside from the good hookah's the food is outstanding, and the servers are always friendly.  The atmosphere is very unique and you feel as if your not in a place that would be in jacksonville. Which I like .  I love coming here with a group of friends -  If you like hookah and mediterrean food Im sorry Casbah but this place is much better and more authentic.  The Gyro Pizza's are bursting with flavor and the lamb has a lot of flavor portion sizes are very decent -  The Greek salad there is massive and loaded with veggies  and huge chunks of feta cheese the dressing they give you is out of this world good ! - light and crisp not too heavy  -  If I could make one recommendation is for the service to be a little faster - I love Instanbul but at times the service is slow- I was here recently and the server did not come back to refill water and I had to actually go up for the check since we had been waiting to leave for quite some time - Even with that,  Instanbul is still in my top ten best places in JAX


The food is very good.  A friend from Turkey brought a large group of us here and we have all really enjoyed it!!  We will come back!